Eatmachaca is owned by Grupo DLT, LLC and the De la Torre family out of Humble in the great State of Texas.  Humble is a city in Northeast Houston.  Grupo DLT, LLC is working to become a Women Owned Certified company and a Minority Owned Certified company as well.  

Magdalena De la Torre, as main owner and creator of this online store, grew up in Mexico and Machaca was a very special staple in the farms and ranches around her.  Machaca is Dried Beef which has been dehydrated, either by sun or oven and then it is shredded.  It is similar to Beef Jerky except that it does not have to have condiments, sugars or sweeteners.  Machaca is almost 100% natural when done correctly and it is a great source of protein.  It provides almost 65% of protein per oz of product.  That being said, an ounce of machaca, which is 28gms, can give you 20 gms of protein! Amazing!!!

Machaca is hard to get because not a lot of people know how to make it. It also is hard to get because the requirements for production are very strict and the yields are low, because the product is almost completely dehydrated. Beef Jerky has much more humidity in the product and that leads it to last less time.  Machaca can last up to 18 months with a small dose of preservative.  Machaca is 99.85% beef!!!

Magdalena saw the opportunity and decided to take a chance and share this wonderful product with the rest of the United States. The De la Torre family hopes you truly enjoy it and let us know what you think. We would be proud for you to tell your friends to #eatmachaca.

The Bosslady and the DLT Family.